Thursday, February 26, 2015

The 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show

The timing of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in mid-February coincides perfectly with the capitulation of winter.  The endless arrays of flowers are always a sight to see, but the richness of the show for me is in its fresh ideas.

West Seattle Nursery repurposed left over Christmas trees by slicing up their trunks and drilling holes to create mason bee huts.

If you look closely, just about everything was made from sliced up Christmas trees.  This dwarf peach is awesome.

I have a thing for hardy palm trees, unfortunately these were a little out of my price range.

Riz Reye's display on the skybridge was probably the only display in the entire show that was completely practical.

Just add dressing!

Most things were not so practical.

Wouldn't it be awesome if the moon was really that big?

This Chinese art dealer had some really interesting stuff at pretty reasonable prices.

I would have bought this if I didn't already have 4,000 other half-hardy cacti in pots that need to be brought in during the winter.

Euphorbia grandicornis 
Finally perhaps this is a bit of a rorschach test - what's the first thing you think of when you see these glass art figures?  If you see sarracenias and podophyllums, you're probably a true plant geek.