Monday, May 19, 2014

Why One Podophyllum Delavayi Just Isn't Enough

Podophyllum delavayi had been close to the top on my plant wish list for many years until I finally scored one from Dan Hinkley last summer.  Isn't it beautiful?

Podophyllum delavayi from Dan Hinkley
So you would think that when Far Reaches Farm sent out an e-mail a few months ago saying they had Podophyllum delavayi in stock, I wouldn't need to order one because I already had one.  You would be wrong.

Podophyllum delavayi from Far Reaches Farm
I was enamoured by the variation between the two - even though they are the same species.  Then, I saw another one at the Hortlandia plant sale last month in Portland.  Suddenly, I'm a Podophyllum delavayi connoisseur.

Podophyllum delavayi from Woodland Way/Hortlandia 2014
On a different note, this hummingbird was being extremely cooperative with me as I photographed his beautiful plumage.