Monday, May 19, 2014

Why One Podophyllum Delavayi Just Isn't Enough

Podophyllum delavayi had been close to the top on my plant wish list for many years until I finally scored one from Dan Hinkley last summer.  Isn't it beautiful?

Podophyllum delavayi from Dan Hinkley
So you would think that when Far Reaches Farm sent out an e-mail a few months ago saying they had Podophyllum delavayi in stock, I wouldn't need to order one because I already had one.  You would be wrong.

Podophyllum delavayi from Far Reaches Farm
I was enamoured by the variation between the two - even though they are the same species.  Then, I saw another one at the Hortlandia plant sale last month in Portland.  Suddenly, I'm a Podophyllum delavayi connoisseur.

Podophyllum delavayi from Woodland Way/Hortlandia 2014
On a different note, this hummingbird was being extremely cooperative with me as I photographed his beautiful plumage.


  1. One can never have enough of these amazing woodland perennials! That last Podo almost looks like a hybrid with P. delavayi as a parent.

    It'll be fun to see all of them mature in your garden!


  2. I've got one from Hinkley's Heronswood years ago, and a few from Far Reaches (it was one but I've been dividing it, and one from Keeping it Green. They're all different and Riz is right, one can never have enough podophyllums! What a cute humming bird! How many more days of school for you?