Sunday, December 9, 2012

Does This Have Something To Do With The Mayan Calendar?

Nothing spreads a bit of Christmas cheer like seeing hardy bananas still halfway in-tact this far into December.

Musa basjoo
Since October 1st, it has only dipped below freezing once (to 30F/-1C) on November 10th.  The mild weather has some interesting influences on a few plants.  Some plants think it's late summer...

Others think it's early spring.

Primula vulgaris

Rubus idaeus 'Caroline'
Plants all over the place are in the wrong season!

Lilium longiflorum
Lewisia cotyledon
Polygala chamaebuxus 'Kamniski'
Speaking of the wrong season, I stuck this bromeliad under these palms for the summer and when I went to go pull it out a month ago, it wouldn't budge!  If it doesn't want to move into the greenhouse, I won't interfere.  Maybe it will survive the winter out here...

Neoregelia princeps


  1. My Lewisias don't look a bit like yours: they're hunkering down and shivering! What a topsy-turvy time!

  2. I have a lot of plants that have not properly gotten themselves ready for winter. If we get a real cold snap the loss may be significant.

  3. I love seeing green bananas in December! It's truly amazing.