Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Tis the season...to plant seeds!

Just documenting the seeds I plant and when. I started this tray yesterday (4/11/11). From left to right:

Castor Bean Seeds - I planted a few in this bottom-heated seed tray, and a few outside directly in the soil in an experiment to see which will ultimately grow bigger in the long run.

Chile Peppers & Red Bell Peppers - This is the first time I've tried growing peppers from seed. I'll try keeping some in pots in the greenhouse and planting some in the ground possibly under clear plastic to soak up the heat.

Pumpkin - The kind for carving and eating - mmmm. I also started some "giant" pumpkin seeds in a separate pot.

White Lobelia - To put around the fountain in the front.

Lemon Grass - I got about 10 very small seeds in this packet, which cost $3.29, which in retrospect was a horrible deal. If their combined weight is 1/10 of a gram, that's about $250 an ounce. On the other hand, if I get 10 lemon grass plants, that's only about 50 cents per plant (figuring in the cost of soil & fertilizer). That's the world of seeds. They seem to be a rip-off and a great deal at the same time.

Savory - This will make a great addition to the kitchen herb garden.

Red Cardinal Climber - A hummingbird attractant, so the packet says. I tried growing this last year - I bought it as a seedling. For some reason it never took off, and only got about 8 inches tall. I'll try some different scenarios with the seedlings I get this year (e.g. one in full sun with lots of water and fertilizer, one in part-sun with less fertilizer, one in sandy soil, etc.).

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