Monday, May 28, 2012

Grape Trellis: Day 3 (and 2)

I had a bit of a setback when the Liquid Nails I bought turned out to more like Liquid Mush and didn't set correctly.  The glue that I am using now is PL Polyurethane.  I thought I could get away without steaming the wood, but it turns out the clamps aren't strong enough (and/or I don't have enough of them) to bend the wood exactly to the form, so I think this beam will need to be redone:

Three 1x4x12' wooden slats being glued together and clamped to a wooden form until dry.
Meanwhile, I painted the supports for the trellis (4x4x8') white to match the trim of the house and connected them to steel anchors in concrete piers to ensure the trellis won't tip over in a windstorm.

I at least made a good start on the project this weekend.  There are four beams to bend, and each beam will take two days with all the glue drying time, so it will be at least until next week before I'm completely finished.

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