Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Around the Miller Garden, Part 3

The majority of the Miller Garden is shrouded in shade, but there is a small "sun area" filled with bromeliads, aloes, agaves, and other desert dwellers.

I should have asked what this one is.  It looks like it might be evergreen.  Maybe a contorted purple hopseed bush?

I don't think the bark on this manzanita would be any smoother if I were to sand and polish it myself.

Arctostaphylos manzanita
They could use a few more pots, right?

The very dead manzanita in the background of this photo sadly got bit by the despicable frost of November 2010.

While trying to figure out what kind of dyckia this is, I discovered a plant that is going immediately to the top of my plant wish list.  It's called Dyckia 'White Fang' and if it looks as cool in real life as it does in pictures, I'm in dyckia heaven.  You'll have to Google it.  This is not it: 

A white dyckia
Well, I know it was fast, but your virtual tour of the Miller Garden has come to an end.  If you have never visited in person, the best way to go is to sign up for a class at the Miller Garden through the Northwest Horticultural Society website.  Good luck!

Nolina nelsonii

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  1. I love that Nolina Nelsonii! It is definitely a stunning plant. But what steals the show for me is that manzanita trunk!