Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just Add Monkeys

After finding out that the plant below is a banana plant, the next question people usually ask is "Does it produce bananas?"  After hearing the affirmative, the next question is usually "Are they edible?"  Yes, they are edible seeing that I have eaten one and haven't died.  But if you want one that tastes good, that's a different story.  Even though they don't produce the kind of bananas you think of when you hear the word banana, the fact that we can even grow a real banana plant in this climate is incredible.  Now if only I could grow a durian...

Musa basjoo (Hardy banana) in flower


  1. Wow, awesome! Durian?? are you serious?? Try Jackfruit!! mmmmmmmm

    1. Someday I'll live on a mountain in the tropics, with a house at the top of the mountain for cool-zone plants and one at the bottom for tropical-zone plants.

    2. Oh, and one side of the mountain will be rainy and the other side will be I guess I'll have four houses :)