Friday, February 21, 2014

New Plants!

Far Reaches Farm is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with.  After getting their e-mailed newsletter a few weeks ago stating they had added some new plants to their online store, I spent the next hour going through their new inventory whittling down my wish list to get to an acceptable number of plants to buy.  I spent more on plants than on food in 2013 so this year I'm shooting to go revenue-neutral meaning I'm going to try to sell as many plants as I buy.  Of course the less plants I buy the easier this will be but I'm looking at it the other way around: the more plants I sell, the more I get to buy :)

After a four-day wait, the box of plants finally arrived.  Here is what was inside:

Michelia sp. CDHM 14653
Raukaua laetevirens (syn. Pseudopanax)
Hydrangea angustipetala DJHV 7004
Cardiandra amamioshimensis
Iris henryi - Clone #2
Aciphylla aurea
Contined below....


  1. Very exciting new plants! All new to us too!

  2. Cool additions! That Aciphylla may be my favorite as well!

  3. and if you sell more plants, you will make money and room to buy new ones!