Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show, Part 2

There are so many well-designed displays at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, it takes a lot of mental power to soak it all in.

Speaking of soaking, this lady has apparently been sitting out in the rain too long.

Some of the attention to detail is incredible.  I don't know if I could ever create a display like this - knowing that it is going to be taken down five days after being put up.

This was an interesting idea: growing epiphytes in glass ornaments that are hanging in a tree.

Forced Fritillaria flowers.

Here we see rain spouts creating streams of water running off the roof.  This would only happen in a rainstorm, in which case you wouldn't really care because you would be inside watching TV.

It doesn't look that big in the picture, but this Japanese maple was huge.  It's at least 50 years old, and probably 6' tall.

How the heck did I end up here again?!?

Look at all those plants hoping to find a nice garden to grow up in.  I couldn't say no to all of them.  When I went to the show yesterday, there were two Pindo Palms (Butia capitata) in the Christianson's booth for $25.  I thought that was a pretty decent price.  Surely someone would quickly snatch the other one sometime on Saturday.  But, no one did!  I waited until the end of the day on Saturday to buy it, along with six Dahlias, three orchids, and an umbrella pine (Sciadopitys verticillata).

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  1. Love that Sciadopitys verticillata. I have been eying one for years now, but really don't have the room.