Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gardening Australia Returns!

Gardening Australia is the best gardening show in the world.  This year they apparently have a new host with a freakishly long beard.  I'm not sure why they got rid of the old host, Stephen Ryan.

An interesting tidbit (I'm already thinking Australian) about the show is the fact that the seasons are reversed: they are heading into winter while we are heading into summer.  Of course, their winter temperatures aren't too far off from our summer temperatures in Seattle.  Up in the northern tropical Australia, they explain how the wet and dry seasons affect when they can grow certain things.

A big overall theme of the show is growing native Australian plants that thrive in drought conditions instead of the traditional "Victorian era" plants.  The Australians seem to be a few years ahead of us in terms of dealing with climate change, growing their own food, and eliminating pesticides.  My favorite segment of the show is The Vegie Patch with Tino Carnevale.

The best part is, they offer it on iTunes as a free podcast (Search for "Gardening Australia").  You can also watch episodes from their website.

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