Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the Move

This is my first attempt at transplanting an Acanthus mollis (Bear's breeches).  This one in particular I believe is A. mollis 'Hollard's Gold'.  I tried to make the root ball about the size of Kentucky because I've heard they are impossible to move.  I transplanted it to a place where its foliage blends in more with the foliage of the plants around it.  And after 24 hours, it's not dead yet...


  1. In my experience the impossible to move part isn't so much about the plant you're moving, it will be fine. It's impossible because try as you might you actually only moved part of it. That little bit you left behind will grow and grow and grow. Three years later I'm still pulling pieces out of the soil. And I was oh so thorough when I dug it!

  2. I echo Danger Garden's comments! Easy to move, but you most likely didn't move it completely. Luckily, this one's a perdy one!

  3. I just planted one of these from a pot (Hollard's Gold) in January, and despite the extremely mild Seattle winter this year, it appears to be suffering from some serious ailment, possibly a fungal infection. I am not confident it will pull through, although I hope it does, because I love those leaves! I hope yours has better luck.