Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Dream of the 90s Is Alive...Part 3 (Portland's Yard, Garden & Patio Show)

A quick snapshot of the new plants I got last Saturday at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show in Portland:

Left to Right (more or less):

Four Eremurus hybrids (foxtail lily): Orange, Yellow, Pink & White
Oxalis purpurea 'Garnet' - Evergreen (purple, actually) clover ground cover
Begonia luxurians - Palm leaf begonia.  Why did I buy this?  I already have one and I could have just taken some cuttings.
Acacia dealbata - Incredibly fast-growing evergreen mimosa.  No, it's not very hardy.  Yes, I've already found out the hard way.  Here we go again...
Dyckia hybrid - Nice silver foliage.  Not sure which species it's a cross of.
Alocasia x 'Portora' - This will eventually reach 8' if I'm lucky!
Luzula sylvatica 'Aurea' - Evergreen sedge that is a brilliant lime green.
Embothrium coccineum - I bought one two years ago to replace the one I bought two years prior to that, succumbing to the nasty freeze of Nov 2010.  I have since decided that I want to have it growing in a different spot and put a loquat tree where it is.  So I will be moving it, hoping it won't die, but in case it does, I now have another one to replace it.
Ranunculus ficaria 'Brazen Hussy' - This is invasive so I will keep it contained, but you can't beat its black foliage.
Lilium 'Juan de Fuca' - White & pink oriental lily
Dahlia 'White Lightning' - A white cactus dahlia


  1. You have good taste! I bought the same Luzula and Begonia. I also got 2 Swan Island cactus Dahlias (Bed Head and Park Princess). Did you notice that Steppables is now selling Agaves? The irony. I bought agave Silver Surfer and tenufolia. My favorite purchase was a Bergenia from Dancing Oaks with iridescent purple leaves. I haven't seen anything like it before. It is called Eden's Dark Margin.

  2. Replies
    1. It's going to be a long wait, but worth it I hope. I will definitely post pictures when it comes into bloom.